Our Value

You are in the real estate business, not the data mining business.

Take a hands-off approach and focus on your core business while our trained team of abstractors do the thankless task of pulling probate filings for you.

Make no mistake, compiling probate leads is a laborious and tedious task that has frustrated many real estate agent and investors. Many of our clients that have "winged" it could not find what they are looking for, and for those that did, they rarely undertake this arduous process more than once or twice. Normally, the clerk sitting behind the counter is set in their ways and is not the most supportive person in helping you find the nuggets you are looking for.

Our abstractors that touch the data know what they are doing.

Once probate filings are completed, they are put into a case file, which can be as primitive as a manilla folder. Summary information is put together and is maintained on the probate docket. Retrieving this information is not a trivial process, and it requires specialized knowledge to glean all of the details you need to approach the executors that are in charge of divvying up the estate. Our field reps know exactly how to overcome barriers and find the information they are looking for.

Once we pull the data, our job doesn't end there.

Once our data compilers finish their job of surgically finding the information of probate filings and contact information of the executor, we tidy it up by running the information through USPS software to ensure deliverability and accuracy. The refined data is then sent to you in an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet, which works seamlessly with a mail merge. For an extra fee, we can append phone numbers.

Technology is not your friend.

Government entities have always lagged behind in modern technology, but this is especially true with court records. Unless you are in a VERY small percentage of counties that digitalize probate filings, there is no easy way to extract probate leads. The only viable way to retrieve this information is to personally visit the courthouse and know exactly what you are looking for.